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Special Purpose Gear Boxes

We manufacture special purpose precision gear boxes of any desired ratio and any kind and size such as Spur Gear Boxes, Helical Gear Boxes, Worm Gear Boxes and Bevel Gear Boxes. We also design & manufacture Fractional Horse Power Geared Motors. Technocraft Engineers sets a Milestone by creating import substitutes for Original Equipment Manufacturers.
  Our Main Projects ...

Design and Manufacturing of complete Transmission system for the vertical movement
of 10 ton Platform of 200 Ton stamping press for pressing of Transformer Stampings,
Client: - ABB – Baroda

  2. Design and Manufacturing of special purpose geared units for the limbs of Robot.
Application: Synchronized Movement of the Limbs of Robot to be used for Nuclear
Material Handling, (Named as “NATARAJ”)
Client Indian Institute Of Technology,IIT Mumbai and B.A.R.C.
  3. Design and Manufacturing of Long shaft synchronous operation for Portal Bridge for
Stage as well as Geared Motors for vertical movement of curtains, known as Contour
Application: Movement of vertical movement of stage equipments used in Drama,
Client: NCPA (Tata Theatre) at Nariman Point, Mumbai.
Design and Manufacturing of complete Rod Gearing Mechanism for Damage Control Simulator. ( D.C.S. PROJECT) Flood / drain Valves situated at various places for simulation are operated thro’ Staff Control Room manually by Hand wheels and the motion is transmitted by means of specially designed bevel Gear Boxes to the valves at rear End. The simulator is being used
for training to fight in case of calamity by Indian Navy. Client: Electropneumatics and Hydraulics Ltd. Mumbai, End User: Indian Navy – INS Shivaji- Lonavala
Design and Manufacturing of Special Purpose Gear Box with Geneva Mechanism to deliver Output Torque of 3.2 KN-Mt with 10 H.P. Motor, intermittently, used for Electroforged Welding Machine as import substitute. Client: Indiana Gratings Ltd. Mumbai and Various Grating
Manufacturers in India.
  6. Technical Audit for Safety in Design for Screw Gate Mechanism used in Irrigation Dam
project For CIDCO at Hetawane, New Mumbai.
Design and Manufacturing of Special Purpose Drive Units for Welding Automation
Application: Non-distortion continuous welding of
pressure vessels,
Client: L & T, Mumbai
Design and Manufacturing of Special Purpose Bevel Gear Boxes having Four Output Shafts, transmitting motion synchronously at various stages.

Application: Blister Packing Machine.
Client: Associated Capsule Group’s Pam Pac
Machine Pvt. Ltd. Mumbai
This was a first of its kind activity in the world executed for L&T and in turn for the final customer NPCIL, on their KGS 3 Atomic Reactor at Kaiga – Karnataka state. The task involved was to automate the grinding and
welding operation on a Weld joint in a live Atomic Reactor. The critical part of the activity was to execute grinding and welding in an ID of 145 mm from a distance of 2.5 meters making use of cameras for vision. The entire design of drive system, (consisting of planetary gear box, DC Motors, AC servo Motors & all related controllers etc.) manufacturing of the system components & trials was the scope taken up and executed successfully.
Design and Manufacturing of Complete Drive System with Self Locking Characteristic for rotating entire Rotor Assembly while inserting wound coils. Application Automation of Winding process of Rotors for 15 KW and above Generators.
Client: Siemens India Ltd. Kalwa Plant.
Design and Manufacturing of Special Purpose Gear Box with Self Locking Characteristic for Engine Mounting Trolley (Engine Overhauling Stand) This is a Hand operated Gear Box, with extended shaft. Automobile engine to be overhauled is mounted on the
shaft by means of special adapters fitted either at Bell Housing or at Exhaust manifold. This facilitates easy assembly of parts on the engine body. Used at automobile dealers/ Service stations.
End User: Fiat India Ltd. / TATA MOTORS. Besides We have also developed various Service Tools for the similar applications.
Design and Manufacturing of Special Purpose Hoist Mechanisms used in Television and other Studios. Motorized Gear Box with Self Locking
Characteristic along with Rope winding mechanisms with different capacities have been used for handling Lighting Grids and other equipments used for Photography and Shooting. This facilitates easy
adjustments as per the requirement.
Design and Manufacturing of complete Mechanism wherein Assembly of Two Bevel Gear Boxes with Splined Input and Output shafts to transmit Rotational Motion along with facility of Linear Movement between the two separate units. Used in Packaging Machine.
Besides these we have successfully handled several other Projects related to Design and
Manufacturing various types of assemblies. Photographs of few are as below.
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